Client Feedback
Keeping our clients happy, keeps us happy
Feedback from clients is important to us
At Rink Print, we believe customer feedback is extremely important. Not only does it allow us to quickly see how well our services are working for our clients, but it also enables us to identify any part of the process that could be refined to run even smoother.

What if I don’t want to give any feedback?
Then that’s fine, we wont pressure you into sharing your comments if you feel uncomfortable doing so. However if, like many of our other clients, you feel our service has been exceptionally good then taking the time to let us know would be greatly appreciated.

I have something to say, where/how do I say it?
If you’d like to comment on our service then you can either…

  • Leave us a comment using the form below.
  • Post a comment on our Facebook or Twitter pages.
  • Contact us via email.